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    Farrin Steelforge

    Hey fella’s,
    I’ve been listening to your podcast over the last few months and I really enjoy it. I really love hearing a different perspective on 2E than from just my group of gamers. I’ve been playing 2E for about 20 years as a player and a DM for about the last 10. The main campaign world I play in has been going for around 30 years. Let me start by saying that I know every campaign world/DM is different. So after listening to several of the podcast, an correct me here if I’m wrong but I believe I’ve heard each of you at some point refer to a PC as being to strong or overpowered. I really, really disagree with you guys on this point. Now I’m not saying let the PC abuse the rules to their advantage or vice versa. But to say a PC is to powerful is another way of saying that you have a DM that isn’t on top of their game. In all my years of gaming whether it be as a player or a DM, I have never seen a character that was to powerful in my opinion. I have however seen DM’s that for whatever reason could not challenge certain PC’s. In my experience most DM’s try an use large amounts of Hit Die to control the PC. In most cases it’s not the amount of Hit Die you use or necessarily the types of creatures but the situations/scenarios that you can get the PC into. Strong PC’s tend to get cocky and rush into things, a good DM will use this to their advantage. So what’s your thoughts and opinions on this?

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