November Special – Guest Starring John Popson

Thaco’s Hammer Special – Is There Such A Thing As An Old Adventurer’s Home? Guest Starring John Popson from Effincool Miniatures


We’re using a +5 quarterstaff to get around in the episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian, Cory and Fulongamer as they welcome John Popson of Effincool Miniatures to the show! After two (and only two) emails, The fellas interview John and then get to the main ingredient. First they talk about what to do with high level characters as players and DMs, then turn to the prideful and prankster copper dragon, and round things out with their top five multi-class combinations.


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Email from DM Fat Tony (request for more elves)

Email from DM Freddy (multi-show compliment)


Rule Zero – High level characters. What do you do with them now?

Snipe Hunt – Copper Dragon

Playing Favorites – Top Five Multi-Class Combinations