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Episode 0 – The Introduction

DM Glen and Vince discuss the genesis of our podcast, describing what its about, and why it was time for it to be made.



Episode 1 – Enter DM Cory…..

Join DM Glen and Cory as they get this party started! Cory describes his experiences with D&D and RPGs in general, and from there they go into each segment of the show, as described below:

Hits & Crits (What did we do in 2E and RPGs this week, and emails that are sent to us)

Option Package (Splatbooks and Supplements)

It’s In The Book (Rules and Optional Rules)

People Skills (Races, Classes/Subclasses, Kits and Proficiencies)

Rule Zero (DM Techniques)

Magic Fingers (Spells, Magic Items and Artifacts)

Loaded For Bear (Weapons & Equipment)

Snipe Hunt (Monsters)

DM’s Rag (published adventures and Dungeon adventures for 2e)

Cory and Glen discuss the Myrmidon fighter kit, magical item/weapon explosion or retributive strikes, then they move on to character sheets. They also discuss the larger swords, then wrap up with a talk about a rarely used monster, the Grell.



Episode 2 – Enter DM BadMike….

In this episode, DM BadMike joins the Wild Games family as a co-host on Thaco’s Hammer and he tells a little about himself. From there they discuss the Complete Book of Elves, and elves as a race. Then they talk about spell components, the plan B DMs sometimes are forced to go to, and the spells Blast Bones and Crushing Walls. Then the guys go on a Snipe Hunt for Otyughs (the unofficial monster mascot of the show), and wrap up with the adventure in Dungeon Magazine #37, White Boar of Kilfay.



Episode 3 – Dwarves!

Join DMs Glen, Cory and Badmike as they delve into the dwarven fighter kit Rapid Response Rider, discuss Armor Wear and Tear and the spells Corpse Visage and Puffball, and get into the monster called the Bonebat. Finally they engage in the Siege of Krayts Freehold (Dungeon Magazine #33).



Episode 4 – Enter DM Brian….

Join DMs Glen and Badmike as they welcome the latest addition to the Wild Games family, DM Brian. He give his role-playing credentials and not found wanting, they delve into the show. They discuss the dwarven race, maps and miniatures, dwarven mines and cities, and dwarven rune magic. They face down the Duergar, and finish things off the adventure in Dungeon #60: Shards of the Day.



Episode 5 – Death Knights!

Join DMs Glen, Cory and Brian as we talk about proficiencies, The Complete Wizard’s Handbook, the usefulness of the wizard’s spells Chromatic Orb and Invisible Mail, have the first of a series of discussions about planning for a convention and round it out by looking at the Death Knight.



Episode 6 – Rangers and Giants!

Join DMs Glen, Cory and Brian this week we have a ranger-centric episode. We talk about the Tracking skill, look over The Complete Ranger’s Handbook, discuss the Giant Killer kit and ranger magic items. We continue our convention discussion series on how to prep for conventions and wrap up woth a review of one of the ranger’s favorite foes, giants. Download for some 2E goodness!



Episode 7 – Birthright!

This is our first show dedicated entirely to an AD&D 2E campaign world, is up. In it DM Glen and DM Brian are joined by DM Chrispy (from Save or Die), an expert on all things Birthright. We talk about the campaign world, “blooded” characters, priests in the campaign world, the monster the Awnsheighlin (which, by the time the discussion is over DM Glen manages to pronounce right) and finally a talk about DMing Birthright. A fun time had by all.



Episode 8 – Harpies!

Join DMs Glen and Brian as they discuss Group vs. Individual Initiative, sing the praises of The Complete Bard’s Handbook, figure out What Happened to the Half-Orc, mess around with polearms and discuss what to do with Harpies in a game.



Episode 9 – Campestri!

The words “raucous” and “ribald” come to mind in this extra-long episode, but that’s what you get when the Core Gang (DMs Glen, Cory and Brian) invite DM Julie in for her always interesting (and somewhat loony) takes on all things 2E. In this go-round we have some interesting emails, Go over the Blade kit from last episode’s Complete Bard’s Handbook, Talk about eating (and Cory’s specicality, drinking) at conventions, aim our discussions at crossbows and review and adventure from Dungeon #41 (in which we figure out that singing mushrooms might not be all that bad).

It’s definitely PG this week so you are warned. Still, it’s a lot of fun! Give it a listen.



Episode 10 – Barbarians, Derro and Trains, Oh my!

This week we’re examining The Complete Barbarian’s Handbook, discussion of the Brushrunner kit from said handbook, talk about using music in games, check out the Derro and finish up with a review of Train of Events from Dungeon #44. Check it out!



Episode 11 – Ninjas!

This week DMs Glen, Brian and Julie give a boot to the head to Martial Arts in 2E, wondering where the monk is, talking up The Complete Ninjas Handbook and discussing some re-working of the monk and a martial artist class that Brian came up with (and is willing to share with our audience). Good stuff!



Episode 12 – Ogre Magi!

Okay, this episode finds DMs Glen, Cory and Brian asking Where’s My Assassin, debating the pros and cons of Sandbox vs. Adventure Path-type play, figuring out how to build Custom Magic Items, taking a good long (but not too close) look at the Ogre Magi and thumb through Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalog.



Episode 13 – Maedars!

This week, DMs Glen, Brian and Cory gird their loins for a discussion of The Arms and Equipment Guide, shed some light on Vision and Light Underground, get lost in a discussion about MegaDungeons and ponder about how to use the Maedar, the distaff version of the Medusa. Time to hammer away again!



Episode 14 – Minotaurs!

In this episode DMs Glen, Cory and Brian discuss running a game with a small number of PCs, the ideas of monsters as PCs, which immediately segues into a review of The Complete Book of Humanoids, then we go into the Minotaur from that book to be specific, discuss the issue of drinking and recreational drugs at the gaming table, and we wrap it all up by discussing the spells Whirling Blade and Whip of Shar.

This is also a PG show, so consider yourself warned.



Episode 15 – Ghouls!

In this episode we discuss house rules and The Complete Priest’s Handbook, then we get into the debates of clerics vs. specialty priests and edged weapons for clerics. Then, we talk about turning undead, the various Cure spells, and we wrap up with a discussion about the undead staples, the ghoul and the ghast.



Episode 16 – Spiders!

Join DMs Glen, Cory and Brian as they review The Complete Fighter’s Handbook, compare the fighter and thief version of the Swashbuckler kit, talk a bit about the Parrying maneuver, contemplate the concept of Building Logical Dungeons, look over specialist weapons for the fighter and wrap up with an examination of the various and sundry spiders in 2E.



Splatbook 17 – In SPAAAACE!

As of this show we have rechristened our episodes “splatbooks” for that gooey 2E taste.

This week the Boys With The Hammer (DMs Glen, Brian, and Cory) discuss the Optional 50-Point Damage Rule, Argue over Screen or No Screen, examine (from a distance) Cursed Weapons, review the World Builder’s Guide and ponder over taking PCs into Strange Environments.



Splatbook 18 – Leucrottas!

In another thrilling episode, DMs Glen, Brian and Cory give their takes on The Complete Book of Villains, figure out the use of the Herbalism proficiency, adjudicate Player/DM Disputes, throw down with the Leucrotta and discuss the Melee Combat and Tactics article from Dragon #169. More fun than you can shake a quarterstaff at!



Splatbook 19 – Gotta Kill Them All!

This is a full house with DMs Glen, Brian, Cory and Chrispy. This week we discuss dark fantasy settings and creating mortal enemies for PCs. Then, we tackle the Complete Necromancer’s Handbook, The Anatomist kit from the same book, the Animate Dead spell, the Crypt Thing and the Crypt Servant, and wrap up with the Lords of Darkness supplement.



Splatbook 20 – A Show Outta Nowhere!

Join DMs Glen, Brian and Chrispy as we tackle the Berserker kit from the Complete Fighter’s Handbook, then we introduce a new topic in Rule Zero called Whole Cloth, a multi-part series where we create a PC from scratch and we start with the concept of a character, and we will go through each stage of character development over the next five episodes. Next, we discuss languages and the learning thereof, then we talk about intelligent magical weapons, and from there we wrap things up with a talk about a D&D staple monster, the Displacer Beast.



Splatbook 21 – Another Grab Bag!

Join DMs Glen, Brian and Chrispy as we delve into some random 2e goodness. We discuss Weapon Speed and Initiative, We delve into Part II of Whole Cloth, where we roll up individual characters based off the concepts we discussed in Part I, then we tackle one of the fighter’s best friends, the Gauntlets of Ogre Power, talk about the Helmed Horror, and wrap up with a discussion about the talk about the Wild Mage.



Splatbook 22 – Dragons!

In this episode DMs Glen and Brian are joined by the effervescent DM Julie and special Guest Host DM Jim aka James Raggi IV, author of Lamentations of The Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Game. In a dragon-centric show we dissect the Draconomicon, discuss the power upgrade dragons got in 2E and how that affects combat, weigh the merits of using dragon-scale armor and take a look at how to use Draconians in a game.



Splatbook 23 – Paladins, Ho! (Enter DM Fulongamer…)

Join DMs Glen and Brian along with our newest addition to the Wild Games family, DM Fulongamer. This week we discuss most likely the most controversial character class, the Paladin. We delve into the Complete Paladin’s Handbook, then we compare the True Paladin vs. the Chevalier Kit. From there we talk about the paladin’s holy weapon, discuss the Hell Hound, and we wrap up talking about (or at least attempt to do so) the high level meat grinder adventure, A Paladin in Hell.



Splatbook 24 – Of God and Men and Monsters….

Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer along with our guest Zak Smith, creator of the Vornheim campaign setting as we delve into deities! We start off with Monster Mythology, then we segue into the venerable Legends and Lore supplement. From there we talk about clerical spell freecasting as an alternate way to play clerics, then we discuss the spell Draw Upon Holy Might, and wrap up with a spirited discussion about the campaign supplement, Bastion of Faith.


Splatbook 25 – Golems!

Okay, we got another mixed bag: after some rousing email from DM Cojo, DMs Glen, Brian and FulOnGamer give the Samurai kit from The Complete Fighter’s Handbook the once-over, debate about Ability Score Generation Methods, examine Specialty Gear for Thieves, look over all kinds of goodness in The Encyclopedia Magica, get totally confused over the Wild Mage Spell There/Not There (or did we?) and wrap up this episode checking out as many Golems we can find.

Packed with Good Stuff, check it out:


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