Server issues with past episodes

Greetings, true believers!

First of all, on behalf of DMs Glen, Fulongamer, and Cory, I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for listening to and supporting our podcast. We have been doing this for close to eight years and its a pure passion project, as none of us are making money from this show, but we do it for the camaraderie and the fact that you, our listeners, enjoy it and support the show with questions, stories, and the occasional critique. So once again, we thank you.


On to the matter at hand. We use a server company to store our past episodes, and we have been having issues with past episodes since I think early-to-mid December, in that people could not access them. I brought the matter to DM Vince, head of Wild Game Productions, and he has been trying to gain a solution from that company, to little avail. I will be speaking to him soon to find out if any headway has been made. Stay tuned.


In the meantime, I found that across two computers and three hard drives, I had the entire run of episodes of our little podcast (I originally thought I only had up to Episode #60, but a deeper search showed that that was not the case, to our mutual benefit), so I decided to create a little repository for Thaco’s Hammer on, so that anyone seeking our older episodes would now have recourse to find what they want. Here is the link:


My work is not quite done there, as I need to post all of the episodes of Hammers of the Duchy and our 2e Trivia episodes. but the main course is there and waiting for you to listen, download, and enjoy. Please do so, and thank you for your patience and willingness to bring this issue to my attention. New episodes are coming soon, its just a matter of getting everyone together in order to do them, something that has become more difficult in the new year, as most of us have either new jobs and/or increased personal responsibilities. As long as we have things to discuss, review, invent or even sometimes argue about, rest assured we will keep bringing the hammer down, and we hope you will continue the journey right alongside us.


We wish you the best, and again, thank you!!

DM Brian