Splatbook 103 – Your Participation is Appreciated!

Splatbook 103 – Your Participation is Appreciated! (Guest Starring DM Jim Cook)

Once again we dip into the mailbag! Join DMs, Brian, Cory, and Fulongamer, along with special guest Jim Cook) as we answer your questions and suggestions. We really appreciate the feedback and questions, keep them coming!

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Email from Eff Dee (questions about animal-level intelligence)
Email from Eff Dee (suggestion for the Alu-fiend and its use in a game)
Voicemail for DM Cal (additions to DM Brainstorm from SN 91)
Email from DM Kevin (Optional XP rule for using class abilities)
Email from DM Gravedancer (“What if the TH crew wrote 6th edition D&D?”)
Email from Eff Dee (Wishes/Discussion about Planescape)
Email from DM Gravedancer (suggestion of a “Survivor” based game, and pulling that game on unsuspecting players)
Voicemail from DM Cal (Favorite fantasy race/Favorite cultural combination)