Splatbook 106 – I’m DMing 2nd Edition for the first time! HALP!

We ride to the rescue for this episode! Join DM’s Glen, Fulongamer, Cory and Brian as they give a helping hand to those in need! After a round of emails, they break out the Jaws of Life. First, the guys introduce a multi-part 99% Perspiration segment inspired by an emailer to the show who was DMing 2nd Edition for the first time and asked for our help. After that they break down using poisons and herbalism, and bring things to a close by discussing various methods of generating memorable NPCs.


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99% Perspiration – Tips for Beginning DM’s Part One: Where to start?

It’s In The Book – Poisons and Herbalism

Rule Zero – NPC Generation: What is the blacksmith’s name again?


Link Cory Mentioned in It;s In The Book: https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=The_Adventurers_Guide_to+the_Practical_Application_of_Herbalism_and_Alchemy+Letter.pdf


Email from Eff Dee (Figurines of Wondrous Power request)

Email from Eamonn Macnamee (Email from his son, balancing NPCs with PCs/creating special monsters/NPCs)

Email from DM Gravedancer (Favorite 2e rules to break or throw out as a DM)