Splatbook 107 – Home Free!

We have one foot on home base for this one! Join DM’s Glen, Cory, Brian and Fulongamer as they round up another batch of topics for discussion. After reading some emails, the fellas get to work. First they continue the Beginner DM series by discussing what to make in a campaign “home base” for PCs, then they move to discussing the ubiquitous Teleport spell and its higher level companion, Teleport Without Error. From there they journey to the arctic to dissect the White Dragon, and bring it home with a Brainstorm.


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99% Perspiration – Tips for Beginning DM’s, Part Two: Home Base

Magic Fingers: Teleport/Teleport Without Error

Snipe Hunt: White Dragon

DM Brainstorm: Jungle Port


Email from Eff Dee (request for a segment on the racial pantheons)

Email from Kevin Long (comment on using music in game sessions)

Email from Eamon MacNamee (request for articles for Dragon Magazine and clever uses for lower level spells)`