Splatbook 108 – If It Bleeds, It Leads!

We’re riding the razor’s edge in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they explore combat in 2nd Edition AD&D. After reading some emails, the guys draw their blades and prepare to defend themselves. First, they continue their multipart series on tips and advice for novice DMs, then they break down the combat round, and then bring the show to a close with exploring combat options in Combat and Tactics.


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99% Perspiration – Tips For Beginning DM’s Part Three: The Opposition

It’s In The Book – Attack Options: Combat and Tactics (pp 42-47)

Rule Zero: Handling Combat: What To Roll, When to Roll It


Email from DM Tim/TheDungeonDude (gamer history/request for segment on the “classic” 1e modules)

Email from Eamonn MacNamee (AD&D comic book series/request for a “1 page adventure” contest)

Email from Eff Dee (question about magic schools as pertaining to campaign flavor)