Splatbook 109 – Beast Mode!

We are summoning our inner animal for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Brian and a little bit later DM Cory as they explore the beast within us all. After a round of emails, the fellas get right to work. First they tackle the Beastman as a PC race, then move on to animal companions. From there they move on to the DM handling animal companions in combat, then finish up with an indepth look at the Beast Rider kit.


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People Skills – Beastmen (from the Complete Book of Humanoids)

It’s In The Book – Animal Companions/Purchased Animals

Rule Zero – Handling Animal companions in combat/What do you do with Animalistic race in humanoid PCs?

Option Package – Beast Rider Kit (Complete Fighter’s Handbook)


Email from DM Gravedancer (request for stories from the hosts about the first time they have killed PCs in the game)

Email from Keith Haddad (alternative rules for spell components)

Email from Eff Dee (request for a review of the Red Steel campaign)