Splatbook 111 – Finding Our Way!

We figure out just where the hell we are for this episode! Joing DM’s Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and Brian as they discuss mapping in 2nd Edition. After answering some emails, the fellas break out their compasses and start triangulating. They start things off with discussing the Cartographer kit from the Sages and Specialists splatbook, and as a matter of course analyze the Cartography NWP. From there they talk about various player methods of mapping, then break down the tools of the trade for PCs, and bring things home with a review of the Treasure Maps supplement.


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People Skills – Cartographer Kit/Cartography NWP from Sages and Specialists

Rule Zero – Mapping Styles and Methods

Loaded for Bear – Tools of the Trade for Mapping

DM’s Rag – TSR 9377: Treasure Maps


Email from DM Jesse (Started off 5e, went back to 2e, buying stuff on ebay)

Email from Oiselarius (Tanar’ri pronunciations, gaming story about a DM being anti-religious, article about turning undead/outer planar beings in Dragon #140)

Email from DM Freddy (request for a Greyhawk themed show)