Splatbook 121 – Creating the Legend!

We talk ourselves up in this episode (yeah, what else is new)! Join DMs, Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they discuss things legendary. After taking care of some emails, they guys get right down to it. First they discuss the Loremaster kit from the Complete Bard’s Handbook, then they move on to talking about dealing with PCs losing family heirlooms during adventuring. From there they break down the spell Leomund’s Trap, and bring it home with concluding a six-part segment for beginning DMs.


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People Skills – Loremaster Kit (Complete Bard’s Handbook)

Rule Zero – DM tech III: Handling the loss of Important relics or family heirlooms

Magic Fingers – Leomund’s Trap

99% Perspiration – Tips for Beginning DM’s Part Six: Making the game yours


Email from DM Freddy (Running half and full damage)

Email from Chantel Jones (The Seer kit from Sages and Specialists)

Email from John (Higher level fighters vs. low-level “mooks”/Initiative)