Splatbook 134 – Fat Tony’s Elves

We fulfill another request in this episode! Join DMs Brian, Fulongamer and Glen as they fulfill a listener request and discuss various topics concerning elves. After a round of emails, they take care of buisness. First they discuss the various types of elves and the ways to use them in a campaign, then they move on to discuss two staple D&D magic items, elven cloak and boots. Then they bring things to a close with a look at the elven dog and elven cat.


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People Skills – Typical Elves in your game, different ways of using elves

Magic Fingers – Elven Cloak and Boots

Snipe Hunt – Elven Dog/Elven Cat


Email from Alex B. (1e/2e Strength bonuses)

Email from Steven Fowler (comments recommending Kill The Dead by Tanith Lee, comparison between 2e orcs and goblins with their LotR counterparts, importing systems and rules from other games into 2e)

Voicemail from DM Cojo (importing rules and systems from 2e into other games)