Splatbook 135 – Our Cups Runneth Over!

We are overflowing with generosity in this episode! Join DM’s Fulongamer, Brian and Glen as they explore a rather disused magical item in D&D, magical cups! After answering a couple of emails, they turn to matters at hand. To start, they discuss the weapon that is the cleric’s best friend, the mace. From there the break down the bronze dragon, and bring the show to a close talking about various magical cups, bowls, and flasks.


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Magic Fingers – Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magical Cups and Flasks (Dragon Annual #2)

Loaded For Bear – Maces (Footman, Horseman, Mace-Axe)

Snipe Hunt – Bronze Dragon


Email from DM Sean (PDF adventures with the best information layouts)

Email from DM Eamon (Priest kits for humans that turns into a debate about Dragonlance)