Splatbook 145 – Powerful, But Squishy!

We’re creating our Bracers of Defense for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they turn to the class with the most potential (should they survive), the Mage!After tending to some emails, they guys get to work. First they get into part two of a nine-part series, this time about wizards. Then from there they share ideas on how to play a character with a very high intelligence score, and then wrap things up with a Brainstorm about a region in DM Glen’s campaign world, where he got a little bit more than he asked for.


People Skills – In-Depth, Part Two: The Wizard

Rule Zero – How To Play  A High Intelligence Score

DM Brainstorm – The Ruins of Fort Mariah


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Email from DM Neff (do you place “uncastable” spells in a low-level wizard’s spellbook to be learned as the wizard gains in power/how to build a high level wizard’s spellbook)

Email from DM Freddy (comparing gamers vs. “normal” players in D&D/player age differences)