Splatbook 146 – A Mobile Aid Station??! A Healbot??? I Think Not!

We are praying extra hard for this episode! Join DM’s Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they explore the cleric in part three of their nine-part In Depth series! After answering some emails, the gents don their robes of ceremony and commence. First they delve into the cleric, then they discovering the powers of the green slaad, and then conclude with a Brainstorm about a temple complex.


People Skills – In-Depth, Part Three: The Priest

Snipe Hunt – Green Slaad

DM Brainstorm – Temple Complex


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Email from Alex B. (converting Basic and 1e modules to 2e rules/”proper age for introducing kids into D&D/question about Stranger Things)


Email from DM Neff (questions about priest spells)