Splatbook 148 – Aragorn Ain’t The Only One!

We’re long-distance running to Isengard in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they take a close look at the ranger. After answering a couple of emails, they get down to it. First the go in depth on the Ranger class, then they (finally) wrap up their look at slaads with a breakdown of the ones who rule the race, the death slaad, and bring things home with a Brainstorm on a ranger’s redoubt.

Rule Zero – In-Depth, Part Five: The Ranger

Snipe Hunt – Death Slaad

DM Brainstorm – Ranger’s Redoubt

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Email from DM Rob (Campaigns where players hijack the campaign)

Email from DM Neff (Teaching new players how to use character sheets)