Splatbook 160 – What Is Life, Truly?

We find out the true meaning of life (according to Fulon, so everyone fasten your seatbelts) in this episode! Join DMs Brian, Glen and Fulongamer as they give you some more 2e goodness! After answering some emails, the guys get to work. First they cover an article in Dragon about magical items for gnomes and halflings, then they discuss trolls and variations thereof, and bring things home with a Brainstorm courtesy of Fulongamer.

Email from Jeb and Jason (Random Encounters book series, request to do a joint podcast)

Email from DM Cam (Past history, requesting advice about running Return to the Keep on the Borderlands)

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Magic Fingers – Dragon #262: Bazaar of the Bizarre: Magic of the Wee Folk

Snipe Hunt – Trolls

DM Brainstorm – The Staff of True Life