Splatbook 166 – You Move Like Pregnant Yak!

We have been training hard for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they bring you yet another helping of 2e goodness! After reading an email or two, they get to dishing it out. Firstly, they continue the Mordenkainen series of spells, then break down another lycanthrope, and bring it on home with a brainstorm about a martial arts dojo.

Email from John (expanding the Keep on the Borderlands, silly question, what rpg would we go back in time to publish and release)

Email from DM Rob (thoughts about previous episodes, alternate Perception mechanic)

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Magic Fingers – Mordenkainen’s Electric Arc

Snipe Hunt – Lycanthrope, Werebadger DM Brainstorm – Martial Artist’s Dojo/Stronghold