Splatbook #169 – Emails and Voicemails

We’re emptying out the mailbox once again! Join DMs Fulongamer, Brian, and Glen as they answer your emails and voicemails! We apologize for Fulon’s voice, he was driving through upstate New York at the time and his reception floated in and out, which is why he sounded fine at times and sounded terrible at others.

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Voicemail from DM Cojo (Adding rules and from other editions)

Email from DM Sonny (Question about AD&D 2e Core Rules Expansion)

Email from DM Charlie (Delayed Blast Fireball question, Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue, best game shop mild debate)

Email from DM John (new listener)

Email from DM Jeff (appreciation for the podcast, hosts try to motivate him to do more than reminisce about past campaigns)

Email from DM Michael (piecemeal armor question that devolves into a hit point and combat reality rant)