Splatbook 174 – Crystal Visions

Splatbook 174 – Crystal Visions

We are finding our center for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and Brian as they bring to you another dose of 2e goodness to cure what ails ya! After answering an email, our hosts turn to the matters at hand. First they examine another of Mordenkainen’s spells, dissect the crystal dragon, and wrap up with a discussion about the second novel in the original Dragonlance trilogy.

Email from DM Saxious (proponent of rot grubs, making a campaign world a “living place”)

Email from John Williams (using a singing sword or similar item in game)

Email from DM Steven (what is “wrong” with 2nd Edition?)

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Magic Fingers – Morenkainen’s Magnificent Mansion
Snipe Hunt – Dragon, Crystal
Tomes of Legend – Dragonlance, Dragons of Winter Night