Splatbook 27 – DM’s Eyes Only, Part Deux!

Splatbook 27 – DMs Eyes Only, Part Deux!

A show topic so nice, we had to do it twice…

Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they delve into more 2e goodness from the DM’s perspective. We discuss the Creative Campaigning sourcebook, debate about the 0 hp or -10 hp rule regarding unconscious and dying PCs, converse on the differences between cheating (players) and fudging (DMs), talk about the *other* classic D&D spell, Lightning Bolt, and then wrap up with two adventures in the Dragon Magazine Annuals #1 and #2 respectively, Wyrmsmere and Dragonwyr.

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Try us, you’ll like us!

Option Package – Creative Campaigning
Its In The Book – Death’s Door: 0 HP or -10?
Rule Zero – Cheating and Fudging/Player Personalities and how to handle them
Magic Fingers – Lightning Bolt
Dm’s Rag – Dragon Annuals #1 and #2; Wyrmsmere and Dragonwyr

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