Splatbook 30: Mystara!

Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they look into the old school D&D campaign world, Mystara! After a pair of emails, they discuss the history of the campaign world from its humble beginnings in the Expert D&D rule book to the beloved Gazeteers and its 2e reincarnation, then from there they take it a step further in talking about adapting the material from the Gazeteers to 2e rules. From there they dissect the Find Familiar spell, along with their more powerful later incarnations from Dragon #228, Find Companion and Find Minion. Finally they wrap things up with a discussion about a Mystaran monster that got the 2e treatment, the Wyrd.

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Hits and Crits – Emails from GM_Hack and DM Brady
Gettin Out of Dodge – The Mystara Setting: Gazeteers and the 2e Relaunch
Rule Zero – Adapting Gazeteers to 2nd Edition Rules
Magic Fingers – Find Familiar/Companion/Minion (Dragon Magazine #228)
Snipe Hunt – The Wyrd (Mystara Monstrous Compendium)

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