Splatbook 31 – Player’s Option: Spells and Magic

Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they ring in the new year the best way they know how; with a new opening theme, and a new show! Join them as they delve into one the controversial Player’s Option books, Spells and Magic. After taking a few minutes to catch up on what each of them has done in the world of gaming (and a declaration of the apocalypse), they read an email regarding paladins, then dive right into the Spells and Magic as a whole. From there they focus on the spell research and magical item construction rules, then discuss the spell point systems. Next they tackle a classic (and mildly controversial) spell. Stoneskin, and wrap up the show with a discussion about an article in Dragon Magazine #242, The Laws of Spell Design.

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Hits and Crits – Email from Lon Varnadore
Option Package – Player’s Option: Spells and Magic
It’s In The Book – Spell Research & Magical Item Construction PO:S&M pp 101-115
Rule Zero – Spell Point Systems PO:S&M pp 77-78
Magic Fingers – Stoneskin
DM’s Rag – Dragon #242 – Laws of Spell Design

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