Splatbook 32 – The Great Outdoors!

Join DMs Glen, Brian, and Fulongamer as they take a walk outside in this wilderness-themed episode. After discussing various and sundry things they have been up to, they discuss the Explorer kit in the Complete Ranger’s Handbook (with apologies to Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace), debate about the PCs navigating in the wilderness and how to deal with that as a DM, then in the same vein how long such exploration takes in cost of time and movement, and also talk about methods of generating and checking for random wilderness encounters. From there they opine on the specialized gear for rangers, and bring the show home with a review of the adventure in Dungeon Magazine #32, The Wayward Wood.


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Hits and Crits

People Skills – Explorer Kit (Complete Ranger’s Handbook)

It’s In The Book – Navigation Aboveground

Rule Zero – Overland Movement/Random Wilderness Encounters

Loaded for Bear – Spec gear: Ranger

DM’s Rag – Dungeon #32: The Wayward Wood

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