Splatbook 34 – You have the Answer, but what is the Quesion?

Splatbook #34 – You have the Answer, but what is the Question?

Join DMs Glen, Brian, and Fulongamer as they delve into what seems a not often used or explored aspect of magic: Divination! They start off with the Diviner mage class, then move on to Crystal Balls and the uses of and variations therein. From there they talk about the various ways to gain information through uses of magic, then discuss the Augury spell. Finally they polish off the show with a discussion of the adventure in Dungeon Magazine, Issue #70, Kingdom of the Ghouls.

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Option Package – Specialist Mage: Diviner
Its in the Book – Crystal Balls
Rule Zero – Magical Means of Mining Matters Most Aren’t Not Meant To Know
Magic Fingers – Augury
DM’s Rag – Dungeon #70; Kingdom of the Ghouls

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