Splatbook 35 – The Triumphant Return of DM Cory!!

You heard about it, you knew about it, some of you even talked about it and finally, the time has come… DM Cory is back! After a long absence, DM Cory returns to the fold! Join him alongside DMs Glen and Brian as they welcome him back to THAC0s Hammer. As if he never went away, the guys dive right into the subjects of the day without missing a beat. They take on the Cavalier kit from the Complete Fighter’s Handbook, discuss the various magical girdles, talk about hammers in melee and missile combat, riff on the vicious Rakshasa, and wrap it up with a discussion about the first Fighter’s Challenge adventure module.

People Skills – Cavalier Kit (Complete Fighter’s Handbook)
Magic Fingers – Magical Girdles
Loaded For Bear – Hammers, Big and Small
Snipe Hunt – Rakshasa
DM’s Rag – Fighter’s Challenge 1

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