Splatbook 36 – Combat and Tactics

Join DMs Glen, Cory and Fulongamer as they talk about one of the more useful and polarizing Player’s Option splatbooks, Combat and Tactics. After a bout of emails, they get down to brass tacks. After discussing the C&T supplement as a whole they move on to the weapon specialization rules, discuss the optional battlefield rules, debate about the merits of using static combat initiative numbers from 3e vs. changing combat initiative numbers in 2e, and put a nice bow on the show with a discussion about the stick-like blunt weapons (staves, clubs, etc.)

Hits and Crits – Emails from Harmbringer (novice players) and Eduardo Alvarez (rakshasas and RM3, Web of Illusion
Option Package – Combat and Tactics Overview
People Skills – Weapon Expertise/Specialization/Mastery
It’s In The Book – The Battlefield (Chapter 3, pp 56-69)
Rule Zero – Static Initiative Numbers (from 3e) vs. Changing Initiative Numbers (1e/2e)
Loaded For Bear – The Beatsticks (Staves, Clubs, Nunchaku, etc.)

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