Splatbook 40 – Dining With Demons

Hope you’re hungry, because we have a veritable smorgasbord of 2e goodness! Join DMs Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and Brian at the table as they devour course after course. After an appetizer of an email regarding a whimsical magical item, they dig into the topic of healing rules, then move on the part IV of Whole Cloth where the kit out the characters they have made. With that digested, they turn to the rather controversial topic of using black powder, finishing just in time for the main course. First up is the Tanar’ri, the 2nd edition nomenclature for Demons, and struggle through the final course, the Planescape Boxed Set.

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Its In The Book – Healing (DMG, pp 102-103 2nd printing, Page 74 1st printing)
Rule Zero – Whole Cloth, Creating Characters IV: The Equipment
Loaded For Bear: Black Powder: Do You Use It?
Snipe Hunt: Tanar’ri (2e Demons)
Getting Out of Dodge: Planescape Boxed Set

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