Splatbook 41 – I’m 9th level and I want a Stronghold!

Join DMs Glen, Fulon and Brian and making his own return, Chrispy as they discuss what to do with high-level characters who want strongholds! After a voicemail about running a high-level character through a solo game and an email concerning tips for painting miniatures, they delve into the topics. First up is the Castle Guide, then they guys turn to the topic of attracting followers. From there they discuss what to do as a DM when construction of the stronghold is completed, and then wrap up with a discussion about another D&D staple monster, the Basilisk!

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Option Package – DMGR2: Castle Guide
People Skills – Attracting Followers: How do you handle it as a DM?
It’s In The Book – What To Do When the Stronghold is Completed (PC retirement, further adventures, etc.)
Snipe Hunt – Basilisk

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