Splatbook 42 – Filthy Orcses

We were supposed to run our AP Podcast, but we decided to do a show (and a rather silly one at that) instead! Join DMs Glen, Brian, Cory and a guest to the show, DM Allie (and a last-minute joining from Fulongamer), as they host a show on the spur of the moment! After an email concerning the character level to insert new players into a game with well-established characters and a voicemail about clerical spell freecasting, they turn to the topics at hand. First, they talk about how PCs should handle navigating and surviving underground, they immediately segue into player personalities and how to deal with them as a DM, then shift topic to the subject of time passing in the campaign. From there, they discuss one of the most sought-after 1st level wizard spells, Magic Missile, then finally they turn to one of the most common foes in the D&D multiverse, the Orc just as Fulongamer tags in for his commentary on the subject, and we set a new record for people on the podcast at once.

Its In the Book – Navigation Underground
Rule Zero – Player Personalities and how to Handle Them as a DM/Time in the campaign
Magic Fingers – Magic Missile
Snipe Hunt – Orcs

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