Splatbook 43 – Night Below, Part 1

It’s time for the crew to journey into the Underdark in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they delve into one of 2nd Edition’s most interesting boxed adventures, Night Below, which will be handled in three parts. But first the fellas discuss an article in Dragon Magazine about PCs investing their funds, and then the sticky topic of how to deal with wishes as a player and DM. From there fencing weapons are discussed, then they wax poetic about one of the most noble and powerful creatures in all of the D&D multiverse, the Gold Dragon. Finally the first part of a three-part series discussing the Night Below boxed set is broached, The Evils of Haranshire.

Its In The Book – How to invest your loot (Dragon #268)
Magic Fingers – Wishes
Loaded For Bear – Fencing Weapons
Snipe Hunt – Gold Dragon
DM’s Rag – Night Below, Book 1: The Evils of Haranshire

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