Splatbook 46 – Razored Armor FTW!

The streak of a full compliment of hosts continues in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Cory and Brian as they fulfill a couple of listeners’ requests. After answering and discussing the emails they talk about the Dwarven Battlerager, then they give their opinions about alignment from the player’s perspective. Next, they finally wrap up the Whole Cloth multi-part topic of character creation, then from there they discuss the 1st level spell Identify. Then from there they share opinions about the formidable Yuan-ti, and then finally, by listener request, they give a review of the rather deadly adventure from Dungeon Magazine #37, The Mud Sorceror’s Tomb.

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People Skills – Dwarven Battlerager
Rule Zero – PC Alignment, Part I: How do you play it as a player?
Magic Fingers – Identify
Snipe Hunt – Yuan-Ti
DM’s Rag – Dungeon #37 – The Mud Sorceror’s Tomb

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