Splatbook 48 – Vikings!! (Guest co-host DM Mike from Save or Die)

Join us for a special show, as DMs Glen, Brian, Cory, and GoodMike from our sister show, Save or Die as we delve into one of the historical green splatbooks! First, they handle a couple of emails, then they wrap up their discussion about PC alignment and what happens next when there is an alignment change in the game (either voluntarily or involuntarily). From there they sharpen up their blades to talk about the various axes in the game. Then, they tackle the main topic, the Vikings Historical Reference, only to be joined by DM Fulongamer as he also weighs in on the supplement. Finally, they wrap up with a rather spirited discussion about Linnorm Dragons.

You can find us on Osrgaming.org, d20radio.com, Facebook, iTunes, Planetadnd.com and Twitter (@thacoshammer), as well as our home at http://www.thacoshammer.info from which we stream all of our episodes from the very beginning up to the present day. If you are looking for an RSS feed or a different way of downloading the show directly, the address is: http://recordings.talkshoe.com/rss94174.xml

Emails: Labyrinth of Madness and determining magical items for a high level party/Exotic monsters as pets/Faith-based casting
Rule Zero: PC Alignment, Part III: Changing Alignment; What happens next?
Loaded For Bear: Axes (hand/battle/two-handed/bardiche)
Option Package: HR1, Vikings
Snipe Hunt: Linnorm Dragons

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