Splatbook 49 – Emails

In this episode, join DMs Glen, Brian and Cory as they clean out the email inbox. After discussing what they have been doing in terms of gaming, they get right down to brass tacks. The first email is from Dennis Payne about saurials and how they handle the communication aspect of such, then a voice mail from long-time contributor DM Cojo who asks about energy drain and how the hosts handle it. From there, we have an email from Nathan Bouvier with questions and statements about dungeon design, spellbooks, turning an adventure idea on its ear and how the players and DM deal with it, and suggestions (kinda) on things he wants to hear us cover. Before we get to another one DM Fulongamer joins the fun, and they handle another voicemail from DM Cojo who asked about using dragons in combat.

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