Splatbook 51 – Ascending Dragon Mountain, part I

Join our crew as we tackle one of the most powerful and controversial adventure box sets TSR ever produced! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they pack the pitons and crampons to ascend Dragon Mountain. But first, they cover another controversial topic, demihuman level limits. From there the delve into the somewhat taboo subject of adapting rules from later editions of D&D back down to 2nd Edition, then from there they discuss the sometimes life-saving clerical spell, Sanctuary. Then they buckle down and strap up and start their ascent of Dragon Mountain, starting with book I.

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Its In The Book – Demihuman Racial Level Limits
Rule Zero – Adapting rules from later editions into 2e
Magic Fingers – Sanctuary
Getting Out of Dodge – Dragon Mountain, book I

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