Splatbook 54 – The Show That Wasn’t There

Pack your small bags of flour and memorize your Detect Invisible spell for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they delve into hidden (literally) 2nd Edition goodness. First off they discuss the various rules found in the Vision and Light chapter of the DMG and how they apply in their games, then from there they cover the various invisibility spells from the Player’s Handbook and Wizard’s Spell Compendium. Up next is a discussion about a very dangerous creature, the invisible stalker, and then they wrap things up with a debate on what to do when the DM accidentally or unintentionally kills off the party.

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It’s In The Book – Vision and Light, DMG pp 157-161 (2nd printing)
Magic Fingers – Invisibility Spells
Snipe Hunt – Invisible Stalker
Rule Zero – The Unintentional TPK: What to do?

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