Splatbook 57 – Various and Sundry V

It’s another randomized bag of topics on the Splatbook! Join DMs Glen, Cory, and Brian as they dig into another smorgasbord of 2e goodness! After cleaning out the email inbox, they riff on the concept of assigning difficulty modifiers to NWP checks, then from there they summon (see what I did there?) the strength to discuss the Conjuration/Summoning school of wizard spells. After summoning (it’s a pattern!) their page, they gird on a discussion of the varying plate armors, and then they put a bow on it with a discussion and review of the adventure in Dungeon Magazine issue #53, Steelheart!

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Rule Zero – Assigning difficulty modifiers for proficiency checks (+/-, half/quarter/eighth score)

Magic Fingers – Conjurers, and the Conjuration spell school

Loaded For Bear – Plate Armors (Bronze plate mail, Plate mail, Field Plate, Full Plate)

DM’s Rag – Steelheart (Dungeon Magazine #53)

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