Splatbook 59 – For (and Against) The Giants!

Buy some extra sling stones and watch out for flying boulders in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian and Fulongamer as they talk about giants and variations thereof. After answering some emails, they get right to work. First they cover using giant-kin as PCs, then they discuss non-players sitting in on a gaming session. From then they opine about using alternative rules as they pertain to giant-sized weapons, and then they bring it home with a review on the Forgotten Realms supplement, Giantcraft.

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If you wish to share your thoughts, opinions and/or experiences, you can either send us an email at thacoshammer@gmail.com or leave us a voicemail at 405-806-0555.

People Skills – Giant-Kin as PCs (Complete Book of Humanoids)
Rule Zero – Guests at the table : Non players “listening or watching” or the spouse comes along to game night.
Giant-Sized Weapons – (published and house rules)
Gettin Out of Dodge – Giantcraft (TSR 9487)

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