Splatbook 62 – More Dwarves!

Make sure that your shovel and pick are sharp, and your will is outstanding for this episode! Join DM’s Glen, Brian, Cory, and Fulongamer as they delve once again into the world of dwarves. After catching up on what each of the hosts have been doing over the past week (no emails?? Seriously, people?? C’mon now, get on the stick!), they start mining (get it?) for information. First they start off with a long form discussion about the Highborn kit from the Complete Book of Dwarves (which twists and turns into other things, despite Brian’s attempts to keep it on track), then from there they talk about where and when proficiency check should be used, and then finish up with the Dragon’s Delve adventure from Dungeon Magazine #62.

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People Skills – Highborn Kit (Complete Book of Dwarves)
Rule Zero – When to use proficiency checks
DM’s Rag – Dungeon Magazine #62: Dragon’s Delve

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