Splatbook 64 – Out of the Dark Ages (Guest Starring DM Cojo)

Make sure your chainmail is repaired and your blades are sharpened, because we are going way back in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian, Cory and Fulongamer and special guest and longtime contributor DM Cojo as we delve into another of the historical splatbooks! But before that is done, they answer emails about XP splitting with a multiclassed character, using monster poison on weapons, new players taking over existing characters, and the topic of dual-classing.


With those done, they move on to the topics. First they riff on gaining proficiencies, then they have a discourse on what to do as a DM when the party is incomplete. From there they tackle the deadly Aurumvorax, and then with a big assist from DM Cojo (who is a schoolteacher, dontchaknow), they discuss the second historical green splatbook, Charlemagne’s Paladins.


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Hits & Crits – Email from Old School Chris (splitting XP with multiclassed characters/using monster poison on weapons); Email from Jim Cook (new players taking over existing characters); Email from DM Shag (Dual-Classing)

It’s In The Book – Gaining Proficiencies

Rule Zero – Handling when the party is incomplete (i.e. missing a cleric- no one want to play one)

Snipe Hunt – Aurumvorax

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