Splatbook 65 – Various and Sundry VII

It’s yet another mixed bag of topics! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer and Brian as they roll on the topics chart, and what comes up, comes up! After answering some emails, they get existential with it by asking why the players’ characters adventure, fully explore the Travelers clerical spell sphere, load up on sling stones and darts, and then bring it home with a discussion about the Behir.

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Hits & Crits – Email from Keith Haddad (Castles & Crusades, Ascending and Descending Armor Class, 4th Edition); Email from DM Porter (Getting players to go back to 2nd edition from more modern systems); Email from John Stallard (Dragon Mountain, Dwarves Deep)
Rule Zero – Question for the players: Why do you adventure?
Magic Fingers – Travelers’ Spell Sphere (clerical)

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