Splatbook 66 – Okay, she’s a Silver Dragon.. so??!!

Make sure your heart is pure and not to underestimate your opponent in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Brian, Fulongamer and Cory as they delve into the meat of these topics. After answering and debating over some emails, they get right down to business. First, they zero in on the dwarven Sharpshooter Kit, then discuss the methods of game prep from the DM’s standpoint, then from there they talk about the silver dragon and its uses in the game. Finally they bring it home with a review and discussion of the adventure in Dungeon #51, The Bandits of Bunglewood.


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Hits & Crits – Email from Barry Fee (Secret Door Detection/Perception/Thief with low Wisdom score); Email from DM Glenn (Advice on how to run older editions of D&D from newer editions)

People Skills – Sharpshooter Kit (Complete Book of Dwarves)

Rule Zero – Game Night Prep for DM’s

Snipe Hunt – Silver Dragon

DM’s Rag – The Bandits of Bunglewood (Dungeon #51)

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