Splatbook 68 – Druids, Droods, and Doo-dads!

Make sure that you have found your center and your bond with the natural order is strong in this episode! Join DMs, Glen, Brian, Cory, and Fulongamer as they becomes one with nature by exploring the Druid class. After a couple of emails, they get right down to brass tacks. First they start with an overview of the druid class in the Player’s Handbook, then they move on to a discussion of game night preparations as a player, then they discuss what’s in the Complete Druid’s Handbook, riff on druidic weapons, and then bring it home with a discussion of the Dryad and the Hamadryad.


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Hits & Crits – Email from Lance Allred (High level party make-up suggestions); Email from JC Smith (Olik’s 2e netbooks on http://gnba.netdemons.com/books/olik/index.html);

People Skills – The Druid Class in the Player’s Handbook

Rule Zero – Game Night Prep (player’s perspective)

Option Package – Complete Druid’s Handbook

Loaded For Bear – Druidic Weapons

Snipe Hunt – Dryad

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