Splatbook 69 – Email Show part II, aka Reciprocation

In this episode, be willing to give as good as you get! Join DMs Brian, Cory and Fulongamer as they delve into the mail bag and answer a rousing round of emails, and debating ensues. Look below to see what topics they discussed!


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Email from Mark McElroy (RPG origin, question about politically-based campaigns)

Email from Gajendra Singh (secondary effects and interactions from casting multiple spells, how to handle disagreements with the DM)

Voicemail from OldSchoolChris (Weapon proficiencies; question about the bastard sword)

Email from Joseph Robideaux (Multiclassed characters and level advancement)

Email from Shawn “Airmont” Anderson (Undermountain campaign ideas)

Email from Tim/DM Heretic (Breaking of campaigns, unruly players)

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