Splatbook 71 – Back to the Land of the Giants! (Guest starring DM Odinist)

Pack plenty of sling stones (or bullets) for this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Cory and Brian and special guest DM Odinist, as they have another go-round with giants! After a bout of emails, the crew don their armor and get to business. First they discuss of of the fighter’s best friends the Potion of Giant Strength (and come up with an interesting quirk to the potion), then they move on to talking about the more uncommon types of giants. From there they give the half-giant PC race a once over, and wrap things up with a go around on the Mountain Man Kit.

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Email from DM Cojo (questions about dragon magic)
Email from DM Heretic (why do you continue to play D&D?)

Magic Fingers – Potion of Giant Strength
Snipe Hunt – Other Types of Giants
Option Package – Half Giant PC race (Dark Sun)
People Skills – Mountain Man Kit (Complete Ranger’s Handbook)

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