Splatbook 73 – The Dead Live Again!

Keep your holy symbol close at hand for this episode! Join DM’s Brian, Glen, Cory and Fulongamer (albeit belatedly) as they journey once more into the lands of the undead! After answering some emails, the guys grab shovels and unearth some graves. First they start with an overview of the Necromancer specialist mage class, then they converse with the spirits using the Speak With Dead spell. From there they discuss the Mace of Disruption, then bring things to an end with a riff on energy draining undead.

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Email from DM Brady (defending 2nd Edition, comments on humor in-game)
Email from Monty Hedstrom/HobbitFan
Voicemail from DM Cojo (Heroic Deeds and ways to implement them)

People Skills – Necromancer (Player’s Handbook/Complete Wizard’s Handbook)
Magic Fingers – Speak with Dead
Loaded For Bear – Mace of Disruption
Snipe Hunt – Energy Draining Undead

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