Splatbook 74 – Bandits and Brigandry!

bandit_preparations_by_phill_art-d52n51jBe on the lookout when traveling in this episode! Join DMs Glen, Fulongamer, Brian and Cory as they explore the mindset of the bandit! After answering a bout of emails, the hosts get right to work. First they discuss an overview of the bandit by looking at the Bandit kit in the Complete Thief’s Handbook, then move right over to the Bandit/Brigand entry in the Monstrous Compendium. From there they toy with the Cat’s Grace spell, and they finish things off with a review of the adventure Fraggart’s Contraption in Dungeon Magazine #47.

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Email from DM Angelo (critical hits/energy drain/request for review of Dungeon #25 adventure Standing Stones of Sundown)

Email from Daniel (two-weapon fighting style)

Email from DM Shag (the demonization of D&D/growing up in the South and playing)

People Skills – Bandit Kit (Complete Thief’s Handbook)
Magic Fingers – Cat’s Grace (Spells and Magic/Wizard’s Spell Compendium)
Snipe Hunt – Human, Bandit/Brigand
DM’s Rag – Fraggart’s Contraption (Dungeon Magazine #47)

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