Splatbook 78 – By the Light of the Moon (Lycanthropes)

Pack plenty of silver and wolfsbane for this episode! Join DM’s Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and Brian as they discuss lycanthropy! After a short round of emails, they get right to work. First they discuss the basics of lycanthropy, what the players should do next if he is stricken with lycanthropy, and then the methods available to cure it. Finally, they wrap up with a comparison of the werewolf and the wolfwere.


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Email from DM Obi Wan Shinobi (Comment about Halaster)


Email from Robin Sneek (complaint about the hosts’ dislike of Dark Sun)


Email from doug (past history, a little needling of Cory)


Email from lonjr (experiences with the Night Below boxed set)


It’s In The Book – Lycanthropy (what it is, what it isn’t and is there really a cure?)

People Skills – Contracting Lycanthropy: What happens next?

Magic Fingers – Magical means of curing lycanthropy

Snipe Hunt – Werewolf vs. Wolfwere

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