Splatbook 79 – Celtic Thunder! (guest starring DM Cojo)

Dust off the Macallan and practice your steps for this episode! Join DM’s Brian, Glen, Cory, Fulongamer and our longtime contributor and special guest DM Cojo as they cover another of the historical splatbooks! First they tackle a round of emails, then from there the delve into the meat of the topic, The Celts historical splatbook, and then they start a new segement, DM Brainstorm, where they take a concept and make an adventure or campaign out of it, this time its foggy hills.


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Email from DM Mark (question about mass combat)


Email from DM Jeff (question about DM ruling on the Animal Friendship spell)


Forum post from sirtomas1 (changing the bard class)


Option Package – HR3: The Celts

DM Brainstorm – Foggy Hills

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