Splatbook 83 – Forgotten Realms #6: Menzoberranzan!

Splatbook 83 – Forgotten Realms #6: Menzoberranzan!


Ramp up your courage and sharpen your blades, because we’re going back down into the Underdark! Join DM’s Glen, Cory, Brian, and Fulongamer as they uncover the secrets of one of the most widely known drow cities, Menzoberranzan! After answering some emails and taking a deep breath to conquer their fear, they being the long trek. First they discuss the possibility of alternate Underdarks with the help of an article in Dragon Magazine, then they come face to face with the formidable Drider. From there they arrive at their destination and give an overview of the Menzoberranzan boxed set, then wrap things up by Brainstorming an alternate Underdark of their own!


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Email from Jim Cook – Question about character creation; by the book vs. character concept


Email from Tyler – Mirror Image spell vs. a blind character


Email from DM Joe – Favorite house rules


99% Perspiration – Alternate Underdarks (Dragon Magazine #267)

Snipe hunt – Drider

Gettin Out of Dodge – Menzonberranzan Box Set

DM Brainstorm (optional) – Drow city

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